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Roseham Automotive, Shopperceptions and SALESforce UK are unique programmes committed to improving the sales performance of people in the front-line of your business.

What topics do we cover?

As with all professional training providers, our courses are under constant review, and in order to keep abreast of the needs of the fast moving pace of the retail motor industry, our programme menu has been specifically prepared using feedback from our regular clients.

We cover a wide variety of sales and CRM areas which are shown in the menu on the left-hand side of this page. As with all professional training providers, our courses are under continual review in order to keep abreast of the needs of the fast moving pace of the retail sector.

Our programme menu fits in with the economic conditions and is specifically designed using feedback from our industry specialists and regular clients.

SALESforce UK is our latest innovation, utilising cross-sector experiences to extend the sales techniques base. - particularly at the point of customer interface.

Shopperceptions, our test shopping programme, is one of the core services offered by Roseham Automotive - and one of our best-kept secrets.

Are you delivering great service where it matters?

Our current programs are listed in the left hand menu. However, if you are seeking a type of programme not mentioned, give us a call and we’d be very happy to appoint a specialist in that field to assist you.

Why work with Roseham Automotive?

Here’s why!

  • Our retail experience is our trademark - and we’re proud of it
  • Any initial consultation is free - there’s nothing to lose from the conversation
  • We focus on gaining the maximum from everyone involved
  • We work with our clients to identify the specific needs of individuals
  • We will mentor individuals as well as train groups in a business
  • We understand the need to deliver success, so we help our clients to implement pre-event briefings with delegates - and de-briefings
  • We try to ensure that both they and their line manager have agreed specific personal objectives prior to attending an event
  • Our training events are energetic, stimulating and highly participative
  • We provide mentors - ongoing coaching after a number of our programmes
  • We'll even come to one of your sales meetings and run an awareness session for free, although we do have to charge for materials & travel at our normal rate

roseham automotive training and tuition for public speaking, recuirment, sales and other business and retail skills

What is the cost? 

There is a wide variation in cost of all our training courses and development programmes.

Why? Because we prepare our programmes to meet your needs and whether it’s a half-day, full day, on-site or off-site, we will agree with you the way in which we will achieve all of our three objectives:

  • Train people to add value to the sponsor’s business
  • Develop people to enable them to have fulfilling, stable careers
  • Provide the sponsor with cost effective investment in training

All our programmes include a Roseham Automotive delegate workbook (folder & content personalised to your organisation if required), and all additional course materials, handouts & refreshments.

Comprehensive Written Materials

A comprehensive workbook in which delegates can keep all their notes and handouts from the course supports all our programmes.

By the end of the course, delegates are both comfortable and familiar with all the content. This makes our workbook an invaluable reference book to be revisited at any stage in their career.

Roseham Automotive

Roseham Automotive is a dynamic, progressive and cost effective training organisation, providing development programmes for Sales Professionals.

In summary, Roseham Automotive has a passion for delivering excellence; ensuring that our clients maximise their returns from any form of training investment.

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