Saturday 8th August 2020  
Automotive Selling Techniques

A unique 2-day programme specifically designed to address the essential skills required by sales executives to achieve a greater conversion from enquiry to sale.

The programme focuses on building the interpersonal skills of the individual, rather than the ‘Sales Process’; however, it concludes that a disciplined approach to selling is an essential part of any vehicle salesperson’s skills base.

automotive sales selling techniques training

We will specifically address the following areas:

  • Identifying the most significant elements on the road to sales success
  • The importance of a systematic approach to sales presentations
  • Creating an effective welcome at every point of contact with the customer
  • Advanced qualifying techniques which influence your customer’s decisions
  • Essential skills for presenting your product in an effective manner
  • Creating high-level awareness, interest and desire in your product
  • Best practice – demonstration drives
  • Overcoming customer objections and using trial close techniques
  • Improving success with a selection of different closing techniques
  • Understanding the value of building rapport with customers
  • What happens next – the essential eye-opener to following-up

Upon completion, delegates attending this programme will be able to use new found skills to close more sales by building better customer rapport; identifying customer needs more accurately and overcoming customer reservations. This is a confidence-building programme.

More importantly, they will understand the importance of presenting their product in a professional manner at all times.

Additionally, we teach delegates how to use the right closing technique for any given situation, remaining flexible enough to change to another method.

There is a short video exercise, which is not a role-play. This programme is high-energy and offers an excellent overview of making the most out of the process of selling.

As this programme involves individuals and groups in measurable skills based exercises, the maximum number of delegates attending this programme is limited to 8 and it can be run on-site or at a local venue.

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