Saturday 8th August 2020  
Handling Customer Complaints

Dealing with customer complaints can sometimes be a very difficult task, but many successful organisations pin their future successes on repeat business from satisfied customers.

Customers demand the best and most convenient way to make their feelings known and if they feel their complaint or objection is not being heard and dealt with effectively they are very likely to take their custom elsewhere.

Being able to listen, respond to and handle customer complaints in a positive manner is an important step in creating long-term customer loyalty.

handling customer complaints coaching tuition training

This highly interactive 1-day programme will help people to develop a range of professional interpersonal and communication skills to enable them to deal with customer complaints confidently. The programme specifically addresses

  • Considering the long-term benefits of handling customers correctly
  • Creating environments where customers are able to express themselves
  • Gathering information and diffusing a potentially tense situation
  • Recognising the key stages of complaint interaction
  • Communicating with confidence & assurance - Providing a solution
  • Handling each stage well, with a view to excellent satisfaction levels
  • Recognising what could, and does, go wrong in complaint handling
  • Pre-empting conflict and avoiding serious confrontation
  • Handling complaints with a view to gaining advocacy
  • Ensuring the customer has felt listened to and is kept informed
  • Make sure the customer returns - for the right reasons

Upon completion, delegates will be able to understand why a focus on positive customer relationships is vital to the future of the business, starting with the subtle creation of an environment where customers feel relaxed and comfortable.

Additionally, they will be able to assess and recognise situations that can cause complaints, then apply or recommend pre-emptive measures to minimise the risk of customer dissatisfaction.

Most importantly, they will have learned customer complaint handling techniques designed to turn dissatisfaction into recommendation.

This interesting programme is a lively, interactive day with individual and team role-play scenarios. We use practical examples, self-appraisals and discussion forums to enable delegates to develop the skills to 'think on their feet', build self-confidence and leave the customer reassured.

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