Saturday 8th August 2020  
Prospecting Blitz Events

Across the UK, many businesses understand the need for active prospecting, yet many find the task difficult because of misunderstood factors including; fear of failure; fear of rejection; fear of disruption to the customer relationship and lack of knowledge.

This highly successful afternoon & evening event has been specifically designed to increase enquiry activity levels through the use of real-time prospecting activities.

Ahead of the event, we will supply a list of suggested reports to run from your database and we have designed this unique programme to help delegates to:

  • Understand the need for adequate preparation prior to prospecting activities
  • Undertake an outbound mailing prior to the event, if required
  • Address the various forms of fear which might exist
  • Structure the nature of the key message, or customer offer for the event
  • Undertake a series of rounds, calling a selected group of your own potential purchasers
  • See prospecting as a routine part of the sales process
  • Overcome the social and psychological barriers to prospecting
  • Know how to maximise opportunities through letter, phone, answer phone & email
  • Reward outstand performance and engender a spirit of continuity for the task

live prospecting tuition training

In completing this programme, delegates will have undertaken live prospecting under the supervision of our experienced facilitators, learned from the experience, overcome many barriers to prospecting as well as actually generated future activity for their business.

Our experience of this event shows it is possible to generate in excess of 10% conversion, from all calls into appointments, with a greater number of other contact opportunities also available.

Additionally, delegates will have gained the skills and motivation to address prospecting activities in the future.

This high-energy event runs from 14.30 to 20.00hrs and involves a 1-hour training session, followed by three rounds of outbound telephone calling.

To gain the most from this investment, businesses should ensure maximum attendance from their sales teams. This event can also be extended to include after-sales staff.

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