Saturday 8th August 2020  
Exploring Microsoft Office & the Web for beginners

Over 90% of the world’s computers use Microsoft Office. It’s the world's leading computer operating system.

We are pleased to offer a short beginners programme, which will help anyone, of any age to learn how to operate the three main Microsoft Office applications, Word (word processing), Excel (Spreadsheets), and PowerPoint (Presentations and Graphics), together with Microsoft Outlook Express for sending & receiving e-mail.

This short programme is suitable for anyone who wants to start, develop or improve his or her knowledge and expertise of Microsoft Office and as you learn, you also pick-up knowledge about using computers in general.

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Included in this short programme, we will help you to;

In Outlook Express

Create a message and add an attachment such as a photograph or word file
Send and receive messages
Add people to your address book and edit their details where necessary
Manage your folders for storing and deleting old messages
Customising or personalising your messages

In Microsoft Word

Open a file and type letters on a blank page
Save your work and edit your work at a later time
Using the toolbars

In Microsoft Excel

Open a file and start a spreadsheet on a blank page
Save your work and edit your work at a later time
Perform calculations, using formulas and functions
Customising spreadsheets – using graphs & charts to visualise your results

In Microsoft PowerPoint

Open a file and start a presentation
Save your work and edit your work at a later time
Design slides and create presentations
Use animation and produce images, artwork and applying design


As this bespoke programme is run on an hourly basis, we recommend a two-hour preliminary session with ongoing assessment to establish the delegates skill level and thereby any future training needs.

Following the completion of all essential sessions, the tutor will mentor the delegate for a further month.

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