Saturday 8th August 2020  
Automotive Sales - One to One Coaching

Roseham Automotive are pleased to offer this programme of 1-to-1 coaching sessions, run on-site & on-the-job, embracing all aspects of the role, specifically including customer handling, prospecting, qualifying, selling techniques, closing and follow-up.

Why? Many sales executives only require extra training in specific areas of expertise, so attending a full course would be deemed unnecessary.

Others perform well in the classroom on a sales training course, yet it is easy for them to “revert to type” when they return to their dealership.

automotive sales coaching training tuition one to one

All too often, one of three things might occur,

    1. The individual’s performance is unaffected by the training
    2. The individual’s confidence is restricted by peer pressure
    3. The training was deemed inadequate or poor value

This bespoke 1-day programme is specifically designed in association with the individual’s manager and is designed to address key areas of the person’s skill base.

Typically, our 1-to-1 programme addresses some the following areas:

  • The importance of a systematic approach to sales presentations
  • Self - organisation skills and appearance of the individual
  • Creating an effective welcome at every point of contact
  • Advanced qualifying techniques to influence your customer’s decisions
  • Essential skills for presenting your product in an effective manner
  • Creating high-level awareness, interest and desire in your product
  • Overcoming customer objections and using trial close techniques
  • Improving success with a selection of different closing techniques
  • Prospecting techniques to increase footfall
  • What happens next – the essential eye-opener to following-up

Upon completion, delegates attending this programme will have been coached in a real-time series of skills.

This programme is purely 1-to-1, designed to build confidence.

It is only run on-site, following which, the tutor will remain a mentor to the individual for a further 2 months.

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