Saturday 8th August 2020  
Shopperceptions - Test Shopping Operations

Shopperceptions Test Shopping is one of newest of the core services offered by Roseham Automotive Limited.

Our test shopping campaigns consist of personal visits, telephone calls, postal campaigns or website visits, to more or less any type of outlet. We specialise in the retail industry and hotel & catering venues.

Many businesses across the UK, such as supermarkets, hotels, department stores, restaurants, motor dealerships and general retailers, use organisations such as ours to help monitor staff performance, product presentation and customer service.

perceptions test shopping operations

We always use carefully selected test shoppers to go into your place of business and appear as normal customers in order to evaluate the quality of business performance.

Perceptions campaigns also serve a useful purpose in evaluating staff training needs in specific areas of your business. Our campaigns are designed in full association with you and are customised to fit your needs, for example;

  • We check to see that everyone is supportive of your Brand by following your approved customer handling or sales processes.
  • We review the individual’s behaviour and interface in the context of the business under review (Hotel; Store; Dealership)
  • We use your input along with any standard employee training materials that your company uses.
  • We will provide tangible feedback about each person's customer handling technique.
  • We check that current promotions are being sold and ensure that special offers are being honoured and adhered to in the way that you originally intended.
  • We actively check that the required standards in and around your outlet premises are being met.

It is critical to make the shopper campaign reflect reality as closely as possible. This elicits better responses and the resulting feedback is more valuable in real situations. It also prevents staff from trying to 'spot' a test shop in progress. Therefore, the scenario is important, and depends upon the objectives of the programme.

If something doesn't meet with a customer's requirements, there are many alternative suppliers to choose from in most situations. Customers can vote with their feet, cars or telephones, and more importantly will they tell their friends and colleagues?

Customer Satisfaction Surveys help compare your own company's perceptions (across all locations including customer-facing sites and head office) against the perceptions of your customers in terms of considerations that are most important to the customer, and how well your company performs against these standards.

In order to ensure the standards of your organisation are being upheld, our test shopping operation will create programmes to both measure standards and review customer feedback on their experiences.

To assist you in reaching your test shopping objectives, Perceptions offers;

  • Accurate, up-to-date, high quality information
  • Reliable – our attention to detail is unquestionable
  • A completely confidential service with incisive, easy to understand feedback
  • 1 to 1 feedback with Management & Staff

We do not publish details of our methods, technologies or clients; so for confidential information on the services offered by Perceptions, please contact us at

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