Saturday 11th July 2020  
Prospecting For New Business

This programme has been specifically designed to increase showroom activity levels through the use of effective prospecting techniques and procedures.

It is designed for vehicle sales staff and marketing executives, who are responsible for the generation of showroom traffic; footfall.

Many dealerships pursue system-generated or manufacturer-provided leads, and follow-up existing customers & prospects from a prospecting system. Therefore, we have designed this programme to:

  • Identify different sources of potential new business
  • Deal with contact from initial enquiry, through to asking for referrals
  • Experience different techniques for undertaking prospecting
  • See prospecting as a routine part of the sales process
  • Overcome the social and psychological barriers to prospecting
  • Know how to maximise opportunities through letter, phone & email
  • Structure bespoke letters & email texts to meet their needs
  • Establishing effective prospecting disciplines

live prospecting tuition training

In completing this programme and having identified their personal strengths & weaknesses, delegates will be able to show an understanding of the need for a sound, personal prospecting discipline.

They will also have a fuller understanding of the potential value of effective prospect communications; verbal, written or electronic.

Additionally, they will have the skills to deal with varying customer responses and address objections. Delegates will demonstrate confidence in their own abilities and behave positively in prospect communication situations thereby increasing showroom activity levels.

This lively 1–day programme can be run on or off-site and offers a strong emphasis on effective prospecting, follow-up and referral skills.

Delegates are required to prepare a shortlist of existing customers and new prospects that they must contact immediately upon returning to the dealership, using the preparation from the programme.

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