Saturday 8th August 2020  
Presentations & Speaking Engagements

We recognise that not all directors and senior managers are natural speakers.

Indeed many people in high profile positions find it almost impossible to deliver a confident presentation in front of their colleagues or customers – potential purchasers of their product.

Our research shows that many directors and managers would far rather network with their customers & guests in a social situation, than present to them from afar.

presentations and public speaking engagements

So, in addition to our one-to-one speaking tuition, we are pleased to offer the services of an experienced presenter for such activities as customer events, staff evenings and new product launches.

Presenters work closely with you to make themselves fully aware of the nature of the message you wish to put across. Not only will they prepare a presentation tailored & approved by you, they will rehearse with you to ensure you are completely satisfied before ‘going live’.

If you would like further information on the presentations and speaking engagement services offered by Roseham Automotive Ltd, please contact us through

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