Saturday 11th July 2020  
Public Speaking Skills Development

This series of 1-day programmes is designed to introduce people to, and build confidence in, people who are interested in developing their skills to deliver speeches and presentations.

One of the most common causes of a presentation being badly received is the distraction caused by the nervousness of the speaker.

We don’t just focus purely on large audience sessions, where a microphone is used, or indeed where the speaker might stand behind a lectern. We recognise that some of the most influential presentations you will make are likely to be more personal to, say, a group of colleagues or customers.

Therefore we have created a suite of programmes dealing with,

  1. Fundamental presentation skills
  2. Advanced presentation skills
  3. High-impact presentation techniques
  4. Individual coaching

public speaking tuition training

Roseham Automotive have developed these programmes to cover the full range of essential skills needed to make Presentations, Product Reveals and Speeches, specifically covering,

  • Researching your topic
  • Getting started with an outline of your presentation
  • Working out your timings
  • Organising and preparing the detail of your presentation
  • Use of slides – quantity; impact & value
  • Using the power and emotion of appropriate words and phrases
  • Essential delivery skills including non-verbal gestures
  • Avoiding the common mistakes made by unskilled speakers
  • Relating to and influencing your audience
  • How to speak persuasively and summarise with real value

On completion, delegates will have covered all the topics listed above and additionally, will have delivered a number of short presentations under the close scrutiny of the tutor.

An experienced presenter delivers this 1-day programme, which is conducted in an informal and light-hearted, relaxed atmosphere.

Delegates will return to the work place suitably equipped to undertake presentations or speeches with confidence and authority and the tutor will remain in contact with delegates, as a mentor, for a further 2 months.

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