Saturday 8th August 2020  
Recruiting the right people

“Any business will only ever be as good as the people it employs”
This statement is very true and the quality of the people emloyed is often down to the ability, commitment and schedule of the employing manager.

Staff recruitment can be a time consuming task which many managers struggle with in the normal course of running a department or a business and as a result, the candidates might not receive the time and attention they require to promote themselves fully.

Additionally, advertising the job, dealing with the initial responses, filtering the possible candidates, undertaking the initial interviews and conducting suitability tests can add a huge burden to a manager’s existing workload.

Roseham Automotive operates as an independent business specialising in the provision of recruitment pre-selection services within the automotive industry.

With over 25 years experience of recruiting within the automotive industry you can be assured that our team will understand your exact requirements.

If you are looking to employ staff in any role within your dealership or business, contact us for a detailed overview of the process of pre-selection.

Put simply, we can review your requirements, place your advertisements, select, interview and filter the initial possible candidates and the present you with a range of candidates who have all passed our suitability criteria benchmarks.

We will then support your recruitment processes until a candidate is offered the position.

This package is a great energy and time-saver for any business, so for more information on this service, please contact us either from the menu on the left and tick “Recruiting the Right People”, or write directly to Paul Davis at
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