Saturday 11th July 2020  
Managing The Recruitment Process

This 1-day programme is an essential guide for managers in any business who wish to ensure that their recruitment activities highlight the best candidate for the vacant position.

We actively strive to take attendees through the basis of a recruitment process that will ensure fair selection and deliver the best person for the job.

Additionally, we make every effort to provide recruiting managers the key skills that they will require, in order to complete an effective and fair interview within current legislation requirements and guidelines.

This programme is designed to work at all levels from Director to recruitment champion; In fact it’s suitable for anyone involved in recruitment, wishing to improve their skill levels in this area.

Within the programme, we address issues such as:

  • Creating a visibly fair recruitment process
  • Developing Interviewing techniques to suit the situation
  • Interviewing skills which enable the candidate the fairest opportunity
  • Selection processes, tests and examinations
  • Core interpersonal skills for the interviewer
  • Employment legislation relating to the recruitment process
  • General overview of administration to support the process

Upon completion of this one-day programme, delegates will be confident in implementing each stage of the recruitment process, from addressing the vacant position, through to the induction of the new recruit.

More importantly, for any business, ensuring candidates have had a fair opportunity to present themselves and their core skills.

This is a lively, confidence building, interactive day involving some role-play & individual exercises.

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