Saturday 8th August 2020  

SALESforce UK - Where cross-sectors sales skills really start to work

At SALESforce UK we see many instances where sales processes within one sector could easily cross-over into other sectors, and we feel that many businesses should be actively seeking to employ these new skills - but how?

By talking to us.

There’s no doubt it’s tough out there, and It’s sometimes too easy for businesses to blame the difficulties of the market whilst justifying a decline in sales.

Looking closer to home might just reveal the real reason for exposure within their market sector.

In economic conditions such as these, it’s essential for businesses to re-visit the skills base of their front-line - the sales team.

The really good sales people are those who understand their products - know how to present them enthusiastically and sell their major attribute - VALUE.

Ask yourself these questions -

  • Keen to protect your sales revenues?
  • Need to improve individuals’ sales performances?
  • Struggling to justify the price and value of your products?
  • Losing sales to the competition?
  • Working too hard to close fewer sales opportunities?
  • Appreciate an outsider’s view of your sales team?

Regardless of your profession, if you can answer “Yes” to at least half of these questions, you need to speak to us at SALESforce UK

SALESforce UK is a Worcester based sales-training organisation, specialising in retail sector sales techniques and sales process management.

As we are local, we don’t charge ‘consultancy’ rates. We do, however, offer a free initial review with Directors, Partners, Managers, Team Leaders or Individuals.

We’ll provide you with a fresh point of view, a starting point -
As seen through the eyes of an independent specialist.

If you like what we have to say, we can begin the Sales Coaching: 1 to 1 development; Team Impact or Sales Management.

It won’t matter if you’re a Tradesman, a Sales Person or a Company Director, if you really want to maximise the process of presenting the VALUE of your product, call us for an initial review.

We want to help you make a difference to your business.

A SALESforce UK client recently commented: “Paul Davis could run a programme on watching paint dry and make it sound interesting - brilliant!” C.L. - Cardiff.

Call us on 01905 731346, or visit for more information on making a difference with SALESforce UK
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