Saturday 8th August 2020  
Developing a High Performance Team

High performance teams need high performance Team Leaders.

Roseham Automotive and SALESforce UK have designed this programme to give current and potential Team Leaders an understanding of how to develop a group of Individuals into a 'high performance team'.

This can only be achieved through effective leadership and dynamic decision-making.

The programme reviews both best practice and existing skills in order to develop the knowledge of individuals who lead a team.

  • Specifically, the programme covers:
  • Understanding working as a group versus working as a team
  • Continuous business improvement through teamwork
  • The current understanding of ‘team roles‘
  • Attitudes and behaviours to enable effective leadership
  • Reviewing the specific attributes of an effective team leader
  • Leadership styles, attributes, traits and characteristics
  • Problem solving techniques for the Team Leader

Upon completion of this programme, delegates will be able to confidently identify different stages of team development, whilst appreciating the diverse roles and dynamics within their team.

Additionally, they will be able to assess their personal leadership style, attributes, traits and characteristics.

Most importantly, attendees will be empowered to create a strategy for building their own "high performance team”.

The delivery of this programme involves both group and individual exercises and tasks, followed by a detailed review of individual and team performance.

We do require delegates to deliver a short presentation based on their syndicate work, summarising their commitment to fulfilling the leadership opportunities, which they have identified.

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