Saturday 11th July 2020  
Roseham Automotive - Terms of Business

Roseham Automotive is part of Roseham Automotive Limited and all references to Roseham Automotive should also be deemed to be applicable to Roseham Automotive Limited.

Commissioning Agreement: Prior to accepting a commission and in order to avoid any uncertainties at a later date, by either party, Roseham Automotive will, in advance, prepare a full proposal relating to the work being commissioned.

This proposal requires acceptance & authorisation by an appropriate person within the client’s organisation prior to our commencement of any client work.

Training Courses: 100% of the agreed cost will be invoiced on completion.
Invoices are payable within 30 days of the invoice date.

Cancellation fees: Roseham Automotive reserves the right to charge for client cancellations of scheduled and authorised work on the following basis;

  • Within 14 days prior to commencement date: 100% of the previously agreed fee
  • From 15 to 29 days prior to commencement date: 75% of the agreed fee
  • From 30 to 44 days prior to commencement date: 50% of the agreed fee
  • 45 days or greater prior to the commencement date:0% of the agreed fee

Any related travel cost, material expenses, development, and sundry expenses incurred by Roseham Automotive up to the time of cancellation shall also be deemed recoverable.

We will work with our clients in a way where we offer the best advice and support based on the knowledge available to us. Our clients, however, remain responsible for their own business. Accordingly, Roseham Automotive cannot take responsibility for the decisions of its clients and cannot be held liable for the consequences of any client decisions taken on the advice provided.

Roseham Automotive invests considerable effort in developing training programmes and learning materials. Thereby, all materials produced remain the copyright of Roseham Automotive.

The Client agrees, that by accepting our proposal (of which these conditions shall always form a part), they will not to copy, lend, store electronically or sell any Roseham Automotive materials, without our prior written permission.

Roseham Automotive shall not incur any liability in respect of this commission with the exception of any loss suffered by the client as a result of the negligence of Roseham Automotive.

In no circumstances shall Roseham Automotive be liable in respect of any loss, profit, and goodwill or for any special, indirect or consequential loss suffered by the client. The liability of Roseham Automotive under this agreement shall in no circumstance exceed the amount of fees actually received under this commission.

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