Saturday 11th July 2020  

Writing an Effective CV

A CV is the most effective tool you can use to generate interest in your job application.

A well put together CV is an excellent advertisement of yourself, and an effective sales tool if executed correctly. The details you need to include should be clear and concise.

The longer a CV is, the more likely your prospective employer will lose interest in your application.

As a rule of thumb, CVs of 1 to 2 pages are ideal, with 3 pages being a maximum.

A 3 page, A4 size, CV is usually sufficient for most positions.

Increasingly, CVs are being e-mailed to prospective employers. This is a fast and effective method of delivery but to minimise any problems it’s advisable to create your CV using a widely accepted word-processing application. We recommend using Microsoft Word.

The use of graphics etc. livens up a CV and makes it more prominent. However bear in mind that these may increase the file size of the document and make it difficult and time consuming to download, if sent via e-mail.

A critical piece of information is your desired and current salary details. Omitting this can result in your CV finding its way to the ‘reject’ pile. Include the details, not on your CV but in a covering letter.

Do not write your CV in the third person, it is yourself you are marketing, not an impersonal third party. CVs written in this style create an air of formality and stuffiness.

Misspelling and poor punctuation are common faults and should be avoided. Use a spell-checker and get someone else to read through your CV to check for correct punctuation.

Most importantly - Never, ever lie. You will always get caught out.

The most basic thing you have to consider when writing your CV is to view it through an employers eyes. A CV is intended to attract attention and get you an interview. Without the interview, you have no chance of getting the job.
That means it must generate interest from a potential employer, so tell them enough to interest them, but not so much that they can discount you without even seeing you.

Layout & formats vary depending on what position has been applied for but there are key areas that should be covered. These include:

Personal Details

Start your CV with all your personal details such as name, address, postcode, telephone details including mobile and fax numbers, e-mail address, date of birth, nationality, details of driving licence, marital status, willingness to re-locate and language proficiency. Make sure all details are correct.

Overview (optional)

You may want to include an overview of yourself at the beginning of the CV. This will outline what type of person you are, what key skills you possess, your achievements and the type of job and company you are looking for.

Qualifications (educational)

These should include your highest qualification first and then work back chronologically.

Professional Qualifications & Training Courses attended

Create a list all relevant training courses you have attended.

Employment History

Your employment details are very important and should start with your current or most recent position. The name of the company, title of the job and the dates of your employment are key features. Detail your key responsibilities and tasks. Use more descriptive text to cover your most recent career history – e.g. the last 5 years, less on your earlier career.

Computer Skills

Describe your computer skills by platforms, systems and applications. It’s always worth discussing the Dealer Management Systems you have used e.g. Kerridge, Kalamazoo, Pinewood etc. as well as other skills that you think may interest a potential employer.

Hobbies and Interests

Companies are interested to read about details concerning hobbies etc. The only tip here is to ensure you remember what hobbies you have included on your CV and be able to talk about the subject if asked!


If possible, list at least two names with their job titles and contact details.

One more thing -

In reading this free document, should you find you have something you are uncertain about with preparing your CV, you are invited to contact us through the “Contact Us” button and we’ll do our best to give you some advise about your concerns.

It’s a free service – so go ahead.

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